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What Bitchibles Is About

Created by Boss Bitches for Boss Bitches, Bitchibles embraces self-care practices centered around the 8 pillars of  wellness to help guide Bitches to their best care for self.  Bitchibles embraces self-care to remind Bitches that we choose this life before we come, that we are born whole and with all the weaponry we need for this life and that natural is beautiful. Bitchibles brings Bitches into alignment with their highest most loving good so they can become their best self by encouraging positive behaviors, promoting self-care practices, and improving wellness.


Bitches, Lifted

To see Bitches become their best self


Inspire Happiness

To move Bitches to align with their highest, most loving good


Bitches deserve to be Happy!

Sadly today, so many Bitches are unhappy.

Not only is perception of beauty severely distorted and debilitating, but Bitches have become disconnected with themselves and lost sight of their uniqueness and awareness of the gift and beauty that they bring to this life. Bitches have become so uncomfortable with themselves and caught up with their physical appearance, they are not caring for any other area of wellness.

Plan of Action

Happiness is realized when there is a positive relationship between self and every area of wellness, and one is living in alignment with their life purpose. Because happiness is founded on wellness, there is unlimited opportunity in promoting self-care exercises that improve wellness. Bitchibles recognizes that there are eight areas of wellness and pushes Bitches to nurture each area by providing products, presenting activities, and prompting meaningful interactions. Bitchibles promotes self-care practices by encouraging positive behaviors that move Bitches to align with their highest most loving good. Bitchibles motivates Bitches to lift themselves to become their best.


Expected Returns

Bitchibles inspires happiness by presenting subscribers with an affordable and exciting opportunity to sample and get a taste of alternative products, practices, and practitioners to support self-care activities and improve wellness. Subscribers can expect to receive holistic brands and products that are hand-made, organic and local, such as healthy snacks, tea, candles, healing stones, jewelry, bath and beauty essentials, and tools to support self-care. 

8 Areas of Bitchibles Wellness



Meet The Team







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