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One Box,
Many Bitches

The limited edition Box for Bitches. 

Made by Boss Bitches for Boss Bitches. The only box focusing on truly holistic self care for all facets of life for all types of bitches. 

Due to the love and time which goes into curating each box they are released in limited edition batches with zero guarantees that we will be able to provide what is in these coveted boxes again. 

To get on the waitlist for the next limited edition Bitchibles Chakra Bitch Box fill out the form below.  We will let you know if your spot becomes available for membership subscription. 


Get on the Bitchibles Box Waitlist Before It's Closed to the Public!

Simple Plans

Because we know your a boss babe on the go so we K.I.S.S.

Custom Curated Content

Because life is too short to live in a cookie cutter world. 

Community Support

Because Boss Bitch Babes Support Other Boss Bitch Babes. 

Get on the Waitlist Now!

Get on before the list closes! 


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