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Collection: Chakra

Title: Root Chakra

Release Date: March 2022


We are so excited to be launching the very first, and very limited edition Bitchibles Box! The first and only box focused on a holistic method and approach to being a bad ass boss bitch! 


About: This Bitchibles Box is filled with products and practices that are grounding and create stability to bring balance to the Root Chakra. Mudladhara, the Root (or First Chakra) is located at the base of the spine and is colored red. The color red is energetic and passionate and provides power. This chakra brings us in touch with the element of earth and is with it we channel to the ability to become rooted in life and to be able to withstand challenges. When the Root Chakra is open, one is more able to manage stress while continuing to pursue goals without failing. This month’s box also includes a very special, custom Neurosculpting Meditation


Thank you so much for taking the time to consider us for your sacred down time. You time , me time whatever you may call is it increasingly rare it seems.  Our aim with these boxes is to provide bitches with more awareness, tools and comforts for a very well desrved grounding session or 30. We firmly believe that the only way for us to tackle the huge lack of focus on healthy self care and time for onesself is to do so head on with awareness, discussion and promotion of doing just that. Everyone deserves time to fill their glass. Our boxes are uniquely curated with each specific chakra in mind and come with a custom meditation download which aligns with the boxes intent. 

Limited Edition Bitchibles Root Chakra Box 1 - Roots Revival

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