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Subscription Box for Bitches

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Bitchibles is a self-care promotion program that fuels the souls of Bitches with snacks that encourage positive behaviors. Whether the snacks are for food, for drink, for activity or for thought, all serve as nutrition to improve wellness. The products, the activities and the interactive support are all crafted towards promoting self-care exercises in ways that move Bitches to construct, practice and master a routine that allows Bitches to start living instead of surviving.


Collection: Chakra

Title: Radiant Root Chakra

Release Date: March 2022

Neurosculpting Meditation Recording Included 

Pink Blush


fragrances, haircare, makeup, nail care, skincare

Pink Building


bulbs and seeds, candles, ceramics, essential oils, gems and crystals, incense, lighting, music and sounds



affirmation card deck, bath essentials, diffuser, guides, journals, planners, sex toys, tea and coffee essentials, fitness aides

Twin Girls


casual, leisure, lingerie

Fashion in Pink


bags, beverage holders, brushes, cosmetic tools, hats, headbands, jewelry, organizers, rollers, scarves, stickers

Trying the Gown


forum for conversation, recommendations and referrals, challenges, visual events, physical retreats

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